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2. Comment from Reviewer 1 suggesting a specific change to the manuscript. Author response: As suggested by the reviewer, we have [explain the specific change made, including the exact location where the change can be found in the revised manuscript]. 3. Comment from Reviewer 1 suggesting a widespread change to the manuscript that would need to be updated in multiple places The reviewer's comments are valuable and very helpful for improving our research paper. We have carefully read all comments and have tried our best to revise the manuscript as per reviewers suggestions, which we hope to meet with acceptance requirements Reviewer 4 comments: Comment: This is an excellent report dealing with significant technical matters. I find no fault whatsoever with the methods, data analysis, or conclusions. The work, as with all work coming from this particular group, is fundamentally sound. My comments here are concerned solely with the organization of the manuscript I am/We are grateful to the reviewers for their insightful comments on my paper. I/We have been able to incorporate changes to reflect most of the suggestions provided by the reviewers. I/We have highlighted the changes within the manuscript. Here is a point-by-point response to the reviewers' comments and concerns. Comments from Reviewer Addressing a reviewer's comment doesn't mean you made the change the reviewer suggested. It means that you've considered it and either made the change or explained why you chose not to. List all the reviewer's comments and your answer to each one. Use a different font or color to highlight your responses. This makes the text easier to scan

Reviewer Comments to Author(s): Reviewer #1 (Jillon Vander Wal, PhD): Overall, this is a clear, concise, and well-written manuscript. The introduction is relevant and theory based. Sufficient information about the previous study findings is presented for readers to follow the present study rationale and procedures If you received no specific instructions, the reviewer report should be divided into two parts: comments to be read only by the editor, and; comments to be read by both the editor and the authors. Comments for only the editor: In this section, give the editor your recommendation for the manuscript and, more importantly, your reasons behind it

Figure 6: Reviewer Comments to Authors and Editors text boxes. If you suggest a revision, please indicate in the Comments to Editor if you would like to see the revised article. Click the Save button to save your comments. If you do not click Save your comments will NOT be saved when you submit your review. 5 Responding to reviewer comments is a balance between pleasing the reviewer and having the paper you want. If you accept all of the reviewer comments and recommended changes you may increase your chances of publication, but the paper will be how the reviewers want it and not necessarily how you would like it to be Reviewers' Comments: Reviewer #1 (Remarks to the Author) The authors combined cryo-EM and MD simulation to study the molecular mechanism of ErmBL-mediated ribosome stalling. Overall, this is a nice piece of example showing the how atomic mechanisms could be derived by a combination of static high-resolution structure and dynami Reviewers' comments: Reviewer #1 (Remarks to the Author): This manuscript reports a combined experimental and theoretical study of trop2dad Ru catalyzed conversion of formaldehyde and water to H2 with the presence of base. This catalytic system is the fastest acceptorless formaline dehydrogenation reported so far invaluable comments. We have carefully addressed all the comments. The corresponding changes and refinements made in the revised paper are summarized in our response below. Reviewer #2: This paper has a potential to be accepted, but some important points have to be clarified or fixed before we can proceed and a positive action can be taken

Example of Response to Reviewers Comments: Sample of

  1. Response to reviewers' comments We are very grateful for the reviews provided by the editors and each of the external reviewers of this manuscript. The comments are encouraging and the reviewers appear to share our judgement that this study and its results are clinically important. Please see below, in blue, our detailed response to comments
  2. The reviewers read the paper and provide comments, suggestions and a recommendation (reject, revise or accept). The editor checks the reviews and sends them to the author(s), with any extra guidance. If there are revisions, the author(s) decides whether to make these and re-submit
  3. In peer-review, reviewers do not suggest revisions that you are necessarily keen on doing or that you agree with. A common reaction is to assume that the reviewer is wrong or did not fully understand what you wanted to say in your paper. The reviewer will naturally see it differently, otherwise, you would not have received these comments

Most journals give reviewers the option to provide some confidential comments to editors. Often this is where editors will want reviewers to state their recommendation - see the next section - but otherwise this area is best reserved for communicating malpractice such as suspected plagiarism, fraud, unattributed work, unethical procedures, duplicate publication, bias or other conflicts of interest Don't argue every single comment. If the reviewer has suggested a minor revision that you might not entirely agree with, but is easy to comply with and does not take away any value from your study, it might be easier to incorporate it that to argue your case. Do not take a negative comment from the reviewer as a personal attack

The reviewer is asked to evaluate your paper from a variety of aspects such as the novelty and originality of research, the importance and impact of results, the logic, style, length and clarity of presentation, and the completeness of references. The reviewer provides a report including various comments and recommendations for improvement

Here are some comments that you probably want to tell a reviewer, followed by more polite ways to get your point across. It is likely that you have reviewed papers from other authors (and if you haven't yet, you will soon), so make your responses a chance to treat your reviewers the way you would like to be treated! Example response Finally, do not neglect to thank the editor and reviewers for their observations and comments. Their time is precious and many comments on your manuscript mean that they have dedicated a significant portion of it to help you improve your work. Be careful not to overstate your gratitude, however, and risk the impression of hollow flattery Although addressing each reviewer comment and concern is tedious, ensuring that you respond to each of them is important as it makes the reviewer feel you respect his/her opinion. Finally, as an author you need to be assured that the peer review process helps you provide an improved manuscript and of much higher quality than the original submission When you have a word document sharing with different people. They may return you the word document independently with their comments. If the word file is short and there are not many comments, you can copy comments from one to another file so you have one final word document with all the comments. However, if you have a long document and each reviewer made a lot of comments, please follow the. Managers and employees rely on receiving strong, consistent feedback to perform their best at work. A performance review is a great way to offer helpful feedback and an important opportunity for managers to aid in the development of their team members. In this article, we explain what performance evaluations are and why they're important with several example performance evaluation phrases.

How to respond to reviewers' comments: A practical guide

  1. Constructiveness of comments This study is useless. This comment should be deleted. Instead provide examples of previous work and compare the data. Also, the reviewer should provide specific comments on how to improve the abstract. Level of detail of the review The review is not very detailed. The critical issues in this paper were not addressed
  2. Response to Reviewers [Cover Letter] Dear Editor, We appreciate you and the reviewers for your precious time in reviewing our paper and providing valuable comments. It was your valuable and insightful comments that led to possible improvements in the current version. The authors have carefully considered th
  3. How to Respond to Reviewer Comments with A Good and Bad Example. The session provides guidelines on how to respond to reviewers comments after a review is re..
  4. You should cross-reference the reviewers' comments when appropriate. You can simplify your responses by saying, for example, Reviewer #2 made a similar point and We addressed this point in our response to the related comment from Reviewer #1. If two reviewers made opposing suggestions, then you should also state that fact

Writing a reviewer report - Springe

How to address reviewers' comments. The best advice here is to follow the process outlined by Williams (2004) who said: • answer politely • answer completely • answer with evidence. Answering politely means never being insulting to the reviewers, the editor or the journal publishers; it is pointless and unlikely to advance your case for. Writing Your Response to Reviewer Comments. When you write your response to reviewer comments, you then have the option to make the changes that the reviewers recommend or not. If you do not agree with the reviewer you have to explain and defend your reasoning. Either way, you need to go through every single one of the comments and explain what.

If the reviewer did not use the major/minor comments format, categorize each of the comments into major and minor categories to help you decide the importance of each of the comments—you do not need to refer to your categorization in your written response to the reviewers By Stephen Gilliver 1. Use the reviewer comments even if your paper is rejected Your paper getting sent out for review is a cause for celebration. Not only because it might get accepted for publication, but also because if it is rejected you should at least get some feedback from the reviewers Responding to Reviewer's Comments 1. Responding to Reviewer Comments Office of Clinical Research Presented by: Anne Marie Weber-Main, PhD, Dept of Family Medicine & Comm Health Michelle van Ryn, PhD, Dept of Family Medicine & Comm Health Michael Murtaugh, PhD, College of Veterinary Medicine Jim Beattie, MLIS, Bio-Medical Library Michael Franklin, MSc, Department of Medicine May 4, 200 This video is for doctoral and master's students who are writing a thesis and publishing papers in scholarly journals. The video is part of our series on Pu.. Detailed response to reviewers' comments Andre Hüpers' comments (external reviewer): General Comments Reece et al. conducted a comprehensive set of geotechnical tests on resedimented claystones recovered from IODP Site C0011, which they blend with silica silt. The methods are wel

7 tips for dealing with reviewer comments — ECR2STA

  1. It's important to state that it's not always necessary to make all of the changes suggested by the reviewers. Not only do reviewers give different levels of importance to the changes that they suggest, but also it is ultimately the journal editor, not the reviewers themselves, who decides whether to accept or reject your paper after taking into account the reviewers' comments
  2. As a regular reviewer, I get to see various ways authors address the comments they receive. Also very interesting, I see various ways reviewers give their comments. In my reviews, I tend to be very structured and provide my comments with labels so that I can track afterwards if they have been properly resolved
  3. Make reviewer comments anonymous in already created document, Word 365 for Mac Then save the document and reopen it. Your comments will now be Author instead, and your PII will be gone. Would be nice to change Author to something else though.
  4. 1) Comment 1.1. (for comment 1 from reviewer 1) followed by a copy-paste of the comment or question, or a short summary of the point raised. If the reviewer's comments are not numbered, split the review into individual comments. You can use italics to highlight the comments from the reviewer. 2) Reply 1.1. (the reply to comment 1 from.

Rough reviewers are going to exist anywhere, so it's important to take the criticism as a critique of the work, not an assessment on the value of a person. I have heard (and personally experienced) of very nasty editorial and reviewer comments Write to the reviewers keeping the Editor in the back of your mind, as at some point he or she might have to adjudicate a difference you have with the reviewers. Make sure that the Editor will agree with you that the comment of the reviewer was not clear. Sometimes a reviewer may not be precise To find a specific reviewer's comment, select that reviewer's name from the Enter Reviewer's Name drop-down list. The names of all reviewers who have added comments to the document appear on this list. To find a specific comment, enter the number of that comment (without the reviewer's initials) in the Enter Reviewer's Name text box It also helps me to see at a glance which comments have been made by all or some reviewers, and which only by one of the reviewers. I have said before on this blog that reviewers' comments come in three categories: the no-brainer (act on this), the no-thanks (don't act on this), and the oh-wait (probably act on this, though not necessarily in the way the reviewer suggests)

Additionally, Matt Might reminds reviewers to keep snarky comments to themselves, as the presence of sarcasm in peer review may nullify any useful feedback you've provided in the eyes of the author. Give concrete examples and advice. Be sure to backup your peer review comments and opinions with concrete examples and suggestions for improvement How to Respond to Reviewer Comments. Congratulations! The time you have invested in your research has advanced to the process of having a manuscript submitted to a journal. Composition of the manuscript can be a daunting task, and the process can often feel long and arduous

Comment location: Where the reviewer inserted a comment asking for a clarification or a response. I usually make sure that my first column clarifies exactly where the coment is exactly located e.g. first paragraph, line 3, page 44 RESPONSE TO REVIEWER #1 The authors have done a good job revising the document. I only have a few additional (minor) comments to make: Response: We thank the reviewer for their time and effort, and for the positive critique. Comment 1. I could not find the estimate for tau in the NMA in the paper or the supplement. Please give the.

Reviewer #1: The paper is written in good medical style. Current citations, wide spectrum of issues touched. In my opinion it is ready for publication. Au: I thank the first reviewer for his comments and thoroughly agree with his summary. However, to also adequately address the concerns of reviewers #2 and 3, I have revised an Distinguish the reviewers' comments from your own responses by using either bold or italicized versus normal text or using different fonts for specific sections. Be sure to answer each and every comment made by the reviewers. Language Specifics: Use formal language in all responses to the reviewers' comments That is First of all, we wish to express our appreciation to the editor and the anonymous reviewers for your in-depth comments, suggestions, and corrections, which have greatly improved the manuscript..My original words are First of all, the authors would like to express their sincere thanks to the Editor and the anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments and suggestions, which I found it. The comments have been reviewed, considered, and addressed as appropriate to revise the draft Roadmap. Specific responses to the peer reviewers' comments received are provided in the following tables which provide the comments of each reviewer and NIOSH's response to the comments. General comments . Comments . Response Responding to the reviewers' comments is an important part of the peer review process as panel members are not allowed to re-review proposals. Panel members consider the response carefully when discussing the issues raised by the reviewers, to see how applicants resolve them. A good response can make a competitive difference at the panel meeting

A guide to becoming a peer reviewer Editor Resource

Turns out that the reviewer who wrote the above also-and one of the other reviewers who also made very enthusiastic noises in the Comments to Authors-selected this as the confidential recommendation to the editor: Appropriate for a more specialized journal AMR‐09‐0402.R2 Comments to editors and reviewers I have now received and considered the reviews of your revised manuscript submitted to Academy of Management Review HUMAN RESOURCE SYSTEMS AND HELPING IN ORGANIZATIONS: A RELATIONAL PERSPECTIVE (Manuscript AMR‐09‐0402.R1) Understand the Reviewers Comments for Paper Revision. When the respond letter comes take some time, read it thoroughly and understand what the reviewer is saying to you. In that respond letter you will be given a time limit in which you have to resubmit the revised manuscript. Don't rush to reply them immediately 0402). In revising the paper, we have carefully considered your comments and suggestions, as well as those of the reviewers. As instructed, we have attempted to succinctly explain changes made in reaction to all comments. After providing a brief overview of ways in which the paper was revised, we reply to each comment in point-by-point fashion

Reviewer comment: In your analysis of the data you have chosen to use a somewhat obscure fitting function (regression). In my opinion, a simple Gaussian function would have sufficed. Moreover, the results would be more instructive and easier to compare to previous results.. The reviewers receive an email invitation with a link to the review PDF. When they click the link or the Open button in the invitation, the PDF opens in a web browser. They can use the commenting tools to add comments to the PDF. They can also use Acrobat Reader DC or Acrobat DC desktop applications to add comments The reviewer comments are laid out below in italicized font and specific concerns have been numbered. Our response is given in normal font and changes/additions to the manuscript are given in the blue text. 3.On behalf of all the contributing authors,. Don't ignore comments you don't know how to handle. Don't ignore comments you can't understand. Send a note to the editor and ask for a clarification. Don't try to pretend you handled a comment when you really didn't. Most reviewers (and editors) will notice, and when they do, you have just lost all credibility

The Stepfather (2009) - Review and/or viewer comments

I have one simple suggestion that Photomath should create a dashboard of number tasks for solving and reviewing in the system by section wise. So , expert can easily check task availability and do his work. It is time saving process for expert. As most of expert are part timer , they can not active whole day to see if tasks are their are not Now in the second review request the reviewer is able to look for related tasks and if the reviewer takes a look for task1 he/she sees the changeset1 and the review request with its comments. So you wont be losing the conversation history

One of the key struggles facing early career researchers (ECRs), and especially new PhD students, is how they should respond to reviewers' comments. I will answer this question in my capacity as both an author and an experienced editor. This article describes four key approaches to manuscript revision. I remember my first foray into th To use the Previous and Next comment commands, simply: Navigate to the Review tab Click Previous or Next Previous takes to you the preceding comment from where you are currently active in your Word document.Next takes you to the next comment from where you are currently active in your document.If you have a lot of comments to review, you can also navigate your comments using the Reviewing Pane. Responding to Comments from Peer Reviewers. Release Date: September 24, 2013 Category: Manuscript Writing Author: Rita N., Ph.D. The majority of scientific and biomedical journals require that manuscripts be reviewed by at least two peer reviewers prior to acceptance or rejection Reviewer comments and conclusions should be based on an objective and impartial consideration of the facts, exclusive of personal or professional bias. All comments by reviewers should be based solely on the paper's scientific merit, originality, and quality of writing as well as on its relevance to PNAS's scope and purpose

You should first say thank you to the reviewers for the useful comments that they have made to improve the paper. Then, in the same file, you should explain how you have answered each reviewer comment that requires to do something. To do that, I suggest to organize your document as follows. Create a section for each reviewer If another reviewer sets the review status for that comment, both reviewers' names and review statuses appear in the Comments list. To view a comment's history of changes, right-click the note icon, markup, or title bar of a pop-up note, and then choose Properties If you want to require reviewers to sign in with an account before they post comments, you can do that too. Open your project in Review 360, click the Share tab in the upper right corner of the screen, and uncheck the box to Allow users without Articulate IDs to comment.Then copy the shareable link and send it to your reviewers

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Editors evaluate reviewer recommendations and comments alongside comments by the authors and material that may not have been made available to reviewers. Please know that your recommendation has been duly considered and your service is appreciated, even if the final decision does not accord with your review If a reviewer's report contains hostile language, ad hominem attacks, unethical requests, or in some other way contravenes the ethics and responsibilities of a reviewer, I have usually returned the report to a reviewer with an explanation of why the journal cannot use their report and offer them an opportunity to amend their comments so that the journal can use the review

Step by Step Guide to Reviewing a Manuscript Wile

This is a sample response to reviewers. It includes suggested language for responding to comments from reviewers. Use this as a template to guide your own response to reviewers, being sure to modify the content to address the specific comments raised by reviewers of your manuscript Response to Reviewer Comments. Unrealistic target journals, poor paper construction, poor research design, lack of novelty, irrelevant clinical research, unrealistic time-frames, improper English, plagiarism--these are some of the many aspects of writing that you must steer clear if you want your manuscript to be selected.. At Pubrica, experienced editors show you the way forward and guide you. You may submit your comments online at the above URL. There you will find spaces for confidential comments to the editor, comments for the author, and a report form to be completed. Please contact the Editorial Office if you encounter any problems. As a reviewer you are entitled to complimentary access to Scopus and ScienceDirect for 30 days

Do's and dont's for responding to peer reviewer comments

  1. Conflicting reviewer comments are one of the most frustrating aspects of the peer review process. It is understandable to be irritated when, for example, Reviewer 1 wants you to remove Table 1, but Reviewer 2 wants you to expand Table 1
  2. Reviewer comments that are favorable and that do not call for a response from the authors do not need to receive a number. Do not focus your review on typographic errors. Accepted manuscripts will undergo comprehensive proofreading and correction by expert copyeditors before final publication
  3. How to Respond to Reviewer Comments Reviewers put a lot of time and energy into reading, editing, and commenting on research papers. At the JSSJ, we are particularly fond of our reviewers, and we want to make sure the entire publishing process is as easy as possible for everyone involved, from submitting your paper to reviewing it. Below are a fe

Responding to Peer Reviewers: You Can't Always Say What

Responding to Peer Reviewer Comments - A Free Example

4. Approach the Reviewer as a Consultant Rather Than an Adversary Reviewer의 Comment는 논문의 완성도를 향상시킨다. Response의 질과 양은 중요하다. 마음에 안 들어도 감정적이거나 모욕적인 표현은 피한다. We thank the reviewer for this helpful comment If a comment is entered, click Submit Comment to save. REVIEWER CONSOLE. When you access the Reviewer Console, you may find that there are no papers to review. This only means the reviewing has not started. The Chair will send out an email to all Reviewers to start reviewing papers reviewers' comments in a polite and respectful tone. This is an important document, which should be prepared by the primary author with input from the coauthors to clearly indicate how each comment was addressed leading to the modified text and why certain comments did not require changes in th Send the editor an appeal (if you do this, make sure to include technical rebuttals of the reviewer's comments). If you send an appeal, one thing you definitely don't want to do is say the comments are correct but they're not sufficient to reject my paper, because the editor has already rejected that line of reasoning I am using Word on Mac OS10.11.5. Want to change the name of the reviewer in the comments. I have looked up the instructions on how to do this. I am advised to click the little arrow under under Trac

How to Respond to Reviewer Comments and Revise Your

How to Combine Reviewers' Commends in Word - ExcelNote

reviewer's comments would be worthy of an evaluation for future publication upon the author's resubmission of the manuscript. If you are recommending an article for publication, include why you feel it is appropriate for publication. Detailed reviewer input on articles that have been deemed Publish As Is ar Responding to Reviewers' Comments 2015 7 | P a g e Worst Comments If you're feeling hurt about a comment received from a reviewer, bear in mind the following selection of the worst comments on papers received by members of the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health. You'll note that, in every case

45 Performance Evaluation Comments for Your Team Indeed

Our review process is designed to recognize reviewers for their contributions to the literature and to improve the speed of peer review. We pay a small honorarium for each review completed, and we aim to return reviewer comments to the authors of each manuscript within days Reviewers, don't be rude to nonnative English speakers. By Adriana L. Romero-Olivares Oct. 3, 2019 , 2:00 PM This paper requires significant editing, as it is not written in sound English and. Posts about reviewer comments written by mareserinitatis. Every few weeks, I get a request to review papers for a conference. (For those who are sciencey types, a lot of engineering conferences require full, peer-reviewed papers rather than abstracts.

If a reviewer comments on a particular aspect of your work, that most likely means that something is off with that part of the paper. If the reviewer did not have a smooth reading experience, chances are good that other readers will have an awkward experience as well Comment on the changelist to communicate explicitly when you hand control back to your reviewer. For every note that requires action, respond explicitly to confirm that you've addressed it. Some code review tools allow you to mark comments as resolved Under Comments, select the arrow next to Delete. Select Delete All Comments in Document. Review items created by a specific reviewer. Under Tracking, select Show Markup. Point to Reviewers, and then clear all check marks except the one next to the name of the reviewer whose changes you want to review of comments, one of which is directed to the attention of the editor only and the other that the editor can send on to the author to allow you to direct questions or recommendations appropriately *As per COPE guidelines, reviewers should not suggest that authors include citations to the reviewer's wor

If significant revisions were requested, the editor will usually return the manuscript to the original reviewers (unless they opted out of this) Rarely, the editor may invite comments from a new reviewer - the editor should explain why this fresh review is sought By sharing this, I want to encourage you to embrace most reviewers' comments as opportunities to make your manuscript stronger and fine-tune your writing. With this being said, it's not always easy to read and digest reviewers' comments (especially if they sound abrupt and/or condescending, which in my opinion is unnecessary) so I'm sharing three steps I take to make revisions.


How to Respond to Reviewer Comments: A Good and Bad

To complement the tips for addressing reviewer comments that we shared yesterday, today we're sharing suggestions from longtime Academic Medicine authors.This post is part of a series on tips for addressing reviewer comments during the revisions part of the publication process The reviewer may comment in this section on issues of appropriate clearances, suspected conflicts of interest, misconduct, plagiarism, or any other concerns. Comments to the author do not need to be placed in this section and they are already visible to the editor. Section 4: Comments to the Author Responding to Reviewer Comments Aug 3, 2015 Disclaimer: I am not involved in the decision process at all this year, so my advice is merely that which I've accumulated and will give out to my own students and collaborators when responding reviewers are asked to comment on whether they consider this exception appropriate, and whether it is likely that a publication will arise from the thesis research within due time. Review criteria: The written review typically is one to two pages in length and shoul My reviewers' comments are still showing as unmapped (or more accurately mapped together to one specific spot on each spread - see image below. That is the marker for all comments the reviewer put on the page.). Do you have tips or suggestions? Thanks

How to Write a Response to Reviewers in Ten Easy Steps

  1. reviewer comments. As a general nile, these often result in substantial changes to a manuscript and the bulk of the material in the response document. Those comments in the second category should also be ad-dressed thoroughly, with many, if not all, of the com-ments and suggestions integrated into the paper. I
  2. Copy and paste each reviewer comment (number them yourself if you have to) and respond to each one in turn. This seems like common sense, but I've come across many responses to my peer-review.
  3. Respond in points: Number the reviewer's comments and address them one-by-one. It will ease your task and enable the editors and reviewers to grasp its meaning. Respond with evidence:.
  4. The editor makes the decision, not the reviewers! If you are unable or unwilling to address any of the comments, please state so in your point-by-point response to the editor (Change was not made because...). It is the role of the editor to adjudicate if reviewer and author differ
  5. Editing of reviewer comments Peer reviewers are asked to contribute intellectual work to assess and improve scholarly publications. As with all work, the quality and characteristics of peer reviews vary. Editors responsibilities include support not only to the peer reviewers who typically volunteer the tim
  6. Welcome to the PLOS Peer Review Center Everything you need to write a peer review right now. A collection of free training and resources for peer reviewers of PLOS journals—and for the peer review community more broadly— drawn from research and interviews with staff editors, editorial board members, and experienced reviewers
  7. Author's Response To Reviewer Comments 00000000-0000- 9ged59Y3KzVPH E2A9317A Z/VDZKqWIt+UUp Close Date 05.03.2018 Dear GigaScience Editors, Re: Resubmission of manuscript: Improving the annotation of the Heterorhabditis bacteriophora genom
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