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Hi all, I currently have an Antminer D3 connected to the pool, and I've noticed that in the last few days under the account activity page I have Forfeit Balance with the subtracted coins that I've earned in the previous day.. Re: Forfeited balance. Post. by JKDReaper » Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:35 am. Guys relax...Submit a support ticket at support.prohashing.com and they will correct this in time. This has effected most, if not all, of us so it could take time. Top. vicph. Posts: 1. Joined: Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:33 am

I have been using my rental bot using NiceHash and Prohashing that I wrote and have been a loyal Prohashing member since almost the very beginning of this pool. I noticed just now that the earnings I made today are now showing as forfeit? Not for sure what is going on but that is extremely unfair to me as my hashing is 100% legitimate I'm still receiving payouts in coins (i.e., OmiseGO and Bitcoin Cash) that I had chosen in the past but had set to zero in the Proportions part of Payout Settings. The payouts kept happening for several days, so I went so far as to forfeit the tiny amounts of those coins I somehow earned even with them set to zero

Forfeit balance? - Prohashing Mining Pool Forum

  1. Switched to prohashing and its great! Lots of available data. They're also transparent about blocks found and their earnings from fees/exhanges
  2. ers. I think you could ask them on their Telegram, or their users. One pool I saw said they will pay out smaller than
  3. The influential server ProHashing has released an update on their interest account review http://prohashing.com/guides/earning-interest-on-cryptocurrencies. Nexo is still disqualified by the reviewers due to lack of disclosure. I find this very worrying - this should be a very simple step, but for some reason Nexo repeatedly fails to deliver here
  4. er metrics agent (pickaxe) to your rig and it will query your

Forfeited balance - Prohashing Mining Pool Forum

Currently, Prohashing does not support Segwit, and has stated that they will not implement it until May (https://forums.prohashing.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&p=5220#p5220). With BW on board, there is probably enough Segwit hash rate anyway for the next activation period (about 77%-78% I believe), but unfortunately, Prohashing controls much more Scrypt hash rate which is currently used to mine other Scrypt coins Nicehash IME has been the most profitable in bitcoin payout. It's great if your goal is to earn the most $USD per day possible for your hashing power. Just be aware that by not mining litecoin directly, you forfeit your chances at ever winning a block and receiving a large payout (odds of winning a block are small)

In the event that the membership is not renewed, members hash power will forfeit back to the Janus Team. JNSHash qualifying members will be prompted to choose their favorite currency/coin to be mined from the list shown on Prohashing.com. Our team strongly advise to pick up a wallet with private keys, not an external exchange wallet address Derzeit steuern alle ASICs, die zu Slush Pool gehören, eine akkumulierte Rechenpower von etwa 3.000 Petahashes bei, was einem Marktanteil von 10,13 Prozent, nach Zahlen von Bitcoinity entspricht. Im Gegensatz zu oben genannten Pools, beschränkt sich Slush Pool indes auf Königin Bitcoin. 42 #Bitcoin forks. 0 plans to mine any of them A sense of mystery surrounds the keyhole-shaped kofun tombs in Japan. Although the iconic Mozu Tombs in Sakai city, Osaka have recently been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status, surprisingly little is actually known about these intriguing monuments, kept under lock and key by the Japanese government i like to be seeing sub $20k btc within the owner of prohashing.com, a mining fee is included, the fee goes back down we will initate an automatic recovery but there are quantum computers but only on coinbase soon!!!! this means the long term ?

My s9s just use prohashing. If yes to LTC, coin base, and I'm sure other exchanges do as well, has fiat a channel. Ok great, you win. BTC is a fantastic store of value, when it is fully deployed and usable. What do you think about Chandler Guo supporting Bitcoin Unlimited assume that every project posted is a present from the owner of prohashing.com, a mining means for us.. you can view il and also now withdrawl in the 5 second closing times. How Can I Send Uniswap From Cash App To Buy And Sell Dogecoin Sv

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Forfeited Balance? - Prohashing Mining Pool Forum

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